Ajos La Veguilla | A master craftsman of plants
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A master craftsman of plants

It is said that the role of the Master Garlic Grower has existed since Garlic first became a valued commodity. The Garlic Grower knows Garlic best, they look after it so it is even tastier than before and more beneficial. They depend on each other to survive and each is the other’s reason for living. Garlic simply would not be what it is without the Growers’ dedication.

Who is it?

The Garlic Grower is a key figure, with a professional expertise based on tradition, knowledge of both the area and of the vegetable and with extensive experience in which love for the product is a basic requirement.


The Growers’ effort and tireless work is not only reflected in the quality of the crops, it is also crucial for generating employment and profit for companies and workers. That’s why the figure of Garlic Grower, an expert in all of the complexities revolving around this vegetable is vitally important in the town of Las Pedroñeras whose economy is integrally dependent on the Garlic world.

Nature or nurture?

A Garlic Grower must have knowledge about climatology and the land. They use their senses as tools for their daily work and no machine could ever do what they do: they can tell exactly what a plant needs simply by looking at it or touching it.


They train daily by assessing both the land and the sky and observing the colours and feel of the plants. That’s why the Growers’ tools are their hands and their eyes. With an expert eye a Grower knows the optimum moment to start the harvest, and you can tell a Grower by the way they handle their beloved garlic.