Ajos La Veguilla | Ajos con garantías
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La Veguilla

The place where garlic would like to grow

Ajos la Veguilla was founded in 1984 and specializes in producing and trading different varieties of this plant, especially Ajo Morado or Purple Garlic. The company’s land provides the ideal growing conditions for this crop thanks to the climate and altitude of Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca, Spain). It also benefits from a team of experts with a wide knowledge of the product. Another attribute is the use of the most advanced technology and the company’s continued investment in research and development.

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Garlic with Guarantees

A settlement with gastronomic treasures

Garlic from La Veguilla grows in an area blessed with limestone soils and sits at an altitude going from 600 to 800 metres above sea level. The area has a dry climate with typically long sunny days and is prone to frost. Thanks to these factors, the plants are free from disease and require little phytosanitary treatment.

Furthermore La Veguilla is led by a team of professionals who control the quality of the product throughout the full crop cycle and production process.

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Garlic from La Veguilla

How to recognise genuine garlic from our farms

The properties of these liliaceae are maximized in La Veguilla due to the special care taken with all of the varieties – Morado, White, Spring White and Spring Violet. La Veguilla also produces Black Garlic obtained from a fermentation process. Black Garlic has additional health benefits and a unique flavour. All of this is possible thanks to the skill and know-how of a Master Garlic Grower.

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Garlic’s Best Friend

A life spent growing garlic

The “Master Garlic Grower” is the person responsible for the excellence of the fruit. It is a profession which has been passed from generation to generation and is now in danger of extinction. The Growers’ knowledge is not published in any manual. Their tools are their eyes, their hands and their workplace – the fields. The Master Grower’s hands on expertise ensures the Garlic lives up to its reputation as nutritious and therapeutic.

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Las Pedroñeras

The Spanish birthplace of garlic

Las Pedroñeras is a village located in the heart of La Mancha region, one of the World Capitals of Garlic. Practically all of the village’s inhabitants are dedicated to this extraordinary Liliaceae.

Garlic and You

Discover what it can do for your health

Garlics’ healing properties have been known since ancient times.It’s a superfood with a high content in vitamins and rich in protein, carbohydrates and minerals, especially sulphur. It has been used historically to treat a wide range of ailments as it is purifying, diuretic, antiseptic and antibacterial. Nowadays scientists verify its benefits and it is recommended as part of a healthy diet although its potential goes much further than gastronomy.

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Blog: Conversations

No entendemos la vida sin él

Hay mucha vida para el Ajo más allá de la cocina, aunque parezca mentira. Descúbrelo en nuestro blog sobre curiosidades, actualidad y, por supuesto, los mejores trucos para aprovechar y disfrutar de esta hortaliza que da sabor y salud a la existencia.